2018-09-09, Afternoon – 下午

以后的博文 应该都是双语的 个人感觉中文比英文的抒情性更强一些 这样用中文打稿 再翻译成英文 反而还能保留一些诗意 I’m gonna start attempting to write all bilingual blogs. I think the Chinese language is hella more expressive, and by drafting in Chinese and translating back to English I can keep some elements of the flair. ___ 下午去见你 作业还没写完的你 一脸难受 这时候已经能看出来 你早就不想继续写下去了 哈哈 I met you in the afternoon, you haven’t finished your assignment yet, and I […]

Streets of Vancouver: Episode 1

  Hey guys yea I’m not dead. I’ve been so busy in the last few months I really just didn’t have time to go out and take many photos. But now that things have slowed down a little bit, I’m planning to renew my focus on photography. Sorry, I know you guys were waiting for […]

Hotel Shoot with Laura

Well, I’ve been putting off writing blogs for a while. Work and life is busy yaddy yaddy yadda. I’ve just been so lazy that I haven’t really had the desire to write this for a long time. I’ve got so much content built up, and I think it’s about time to catch up for a […]


Well, I’ve put off writing my blog for so long now. Work got really tough, and was very stressful for the last couple of months. I gained weight from eating Jack In The Box (shoutout to Doordash and their fantastic delivery service) all day because I don’t have time to cook. Now that I’m back […]

Street Style Featuring Shirley

Round two, go. After yesterday’s shoot, Shirley was ready for round two going for street style fashion shoot, this time the plan was just walking around until we get enough photos, get food and go home. I was not really ready for this though, I had stayed up late working on the photos, and I […]