2018-09-09, Afternoon – 下午

以后的博文 应该都是双语的 个人感觉中文比英文的抒情性更强一些 这样用中文打稿 再翻译成英文 反而还能保留一些诗意 I’m gonna start attempting to write all bilingual blogs. I think the Chinese language is hella more expressive, and by drafting in Chinese and translating back to English I can keep some elements of the flair. ___ 下午去见你 作业还没写完的你 一脸难受 这时候已经能看出来 你早就不想继续写下去了 哈哈 I met you in the afternoon, you haven’t finished your assignment yet, and I […]


Woo! I’m 23. I don’t feel any different though, lol. Maybe that’s just part of growing up; I remember when I turned 16 I felt much older than I did before, the same for my 18th. But ever since then, every year kinda just felt like another year tacked on. Although every year it’s been […]

Stressed Out.

  Boy oh boy is it hectic recently. My last term so far has been so stressful and stacked, I haven’t actually had much time to do much photography at all. This makes me sad. But between Big Data and AI, there are enough assignments to keep me busy for 90% of my free time, […]