Character Study: Paige

This is something I’ve been wanting to do a while now. As a photographer, I’m obsessed with little details, especially people. Everyone has their own way of smiling, and every laugh, every frown is unique. Character study is somewhat of an arts topic, but I’m going to be using it to explore people, but mostly […]

To Anna

Time for a feel trip. I promised I would do this. To put it simply, Anna was my girlfriend of a year. But things are never simple if I’m involved somehow, as history shows. I’ll try to keep this one short, an eulogy to my last relationship. This was probably my most serious relationship to date; […]

Restaurant Series: The Bauer Kitchen Waterloo

I’ve eyed this place a while now, never had a chance to go in. The Bauer Kitchen is a restaurant near Uptown Waterloo, hidden behind the almighty Vincenzo’s, the restaurant has its own little courtyard, and a very lovely patio where we had situated ourselves. I ordered a soup, which was delicious, and Paige ordered […]

Café Series: DVLB Waterloo

Caffeine powers me, and I think I just found my fuel. DVLB, or Death Valley’s Little Brother, is a little shop in Uptown Waterloo. This has got to be the best place I’ve been to, so far (July 25th, 2016). Interior is fantastic, cozy, yet classy; varying sizes of tables and chair arrangements. The lights […]

Toronto Trip: 2016/07/24

This is gonna be a long post. I’m going to be changing the format of this post, instead of the regular all photos at top, this one will be more of an article format for easier reading. Hooray! Paige dragged me to Toronto this Sunday, she needed a haircut from a place called NC Salon, and […]

Shop Series: MUJI Toronto

MUJI or 無印良品 is a store. Rather, it should be just a store, but it quickly gained a cult following upon its American release due to its simplistic designs. Me being the hipster-wannabe, fell in love with the brand (the lack-thereof) as soon as Lexi gave me 2 toothbrush holders for my birthday last year. We […]

Café Series: Jule Toronto

Sony A7II Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM f/1.8, 1/1000s, ISO-800 聚, or Jule, is a small but cozy coffee shop in downtown Toronto. I had dragged Paige here with the intention of briefly reviewing it. After much struggle with Google Maps (the GPS in my phone doesn’t seem to like the tall buildings of downtown Toronto […]