Rain On Me

Spontaneous shoots are the best shoots. Laura had been wanting to shoot in the rain ever since she saw my photos of Dennis in the rain, and was quite upset when the weather reports no rain for the next week. Of course, weather dependent shoots never go the way you want it to – either […]

Afternoon Niagra Trip

Spontaneous trips are the best! I’ve been trying to escape a bit lately, from all the responsibilities I have. Looking for housing in San Francisco is tough, especially since this is my first time. Loads of assignments are due, and the term is coming to an end (which to me means something even worse, but […]

Café Series: Symposium Waterloo

I stole this idea from Paige. I’ll be honest, I’m a hipster-wannabe, and I say wannabe because I don’t think I’m fully qualified to be a hipster, yet. Part of being hipster, to me at least, is to know your coffee. I don’t mean the kind that goes to some trendy new coffee shop and asks for […]

Canada Day 2016

Happy Canada Day! I didn’t know there was an event at Columbia Ice Fields from our school, I always did previous Canada Day celebrations in either downtown Kitchener, or back home in Ottawa.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the line of food trucks and gathering of performers. Paige had signed up to be a volunteer […]