[Everyday Billet-Doux][每日情书] Chicken Soup – 鸡汤

一直走在 自以为 孤独的路上 温暖了别人 自己却陷入风雨的寒冷 很多人都是这样 活在自己寒冷的世界 然而 在你最需要的时刻 总会有人出现 给你碗温暖的鸡汤 别忘了身边这些人 带着他们给你的 勇敢的走下去 I’ve always walked alone. Caring for others, only to fall into the harsh storm myself. Many are like this, living in their own cold world. But, someone will be there when you need it the most. They’ll bring you some chicken soup, warming you. […]

[Everyday Billet-Doux][每日情书] Hug – 拥抱

  每次 不管世界多么不好 工作再不顺心 再难受 再灰 雨下的再大 再累 你都可以一个拥抱 把色彩全都带回来 一切 都好     Every time, no matter how bad the world gets. No matter how difficult work gets, how bad I feel, how bad the weather, how harsh the storm, how tired I am. All it takes is just one embrace, and all the colors […]

[Discouraging Thoughts][深夜负能量] Distortion – 扭曲

  每一次的爱情 也许教会我一些 但是同时 也会扭曲我一些 经历了这么多 爱情的形状 已经记不太清了呢 扭曲的我 还值得被爱么   Every relationship, teaches me a little bit more. But at the same time, it distorts my view of what love is. After all these, I seem to have forgotten what the shape of affection looked like. Lost in my own views, do I even deserve to […]

[Everyday Billet-Doux][每日情书] Milk – 牛奶

I’m starting a two new series that’s going to be bilingual. “Everyday Billet-Doux” and “Discouraging Thoughts” are meant to compliment each other, and they reflect some of my thoughts respectively. I’m going to be including some drawings with it as practice, and hopefully these will help take some of the anxiety off. 我决定开始写两个新的双语系列 每日情书 和 深夜负能量 也算是我的一些思想 关于这些 我会画一些插图 也希望能帮助我的焦虑症作为一种发泄吧 […]