[Everyday Billet-Doux][每日情书] Milk – 牛奶

I’m starting a two new series that’s going to be bilingual. “Everyday Billet-Doux” and “Discouraging Thoughts” are meant to compliment each other, and they reflect some of my thoughts respectively. I’m going to be including some drawings with it as practice, and hopefully these will help take some of the anxiety off.

每日情书 和 深夜负能量 也算是我的一些思想
关于这些 我会画一些插图 也希望能帮助我的焦虑症作为一种发泄吧

So, let’s begin!


我对乳糖不耐 一般不喝牛奶
可是你爱喝拿铁 冰箱里 就常驻了一盒牛奶呢



Milk was always a bit weird to me.

I’m slightly lactose intolerant,
and seldom drink milk.

But you like lattes, and somehow,
my fridge always seems to have a carton of milk nowadays.