Café Series: Berlin Bicycle Café Kitchener

Let’s change things up a little bit this time. Every cafe post will now have an accompanying song. This week’s feature is Bolppalga4 (볼빨간사춘기), and their song Galaxy or 우주를 줄게. Recently I’ve been super busy with school and interviews. Never really had a chance to go proper cafeing for a while now. For those who have […]

Day Out with Jessen

This was originally going to be a café series post. I had made plans with Jessen to go to the last hipster coffee shop in Waterloo before I had to leave. The shop is just uptown, called Seven Shores. I decided against making a café series post for a simple reason: Seven Shores is not a coffee […]

Café Series: DVLB Waterloo

Caffeine powers me, and I think I just found my fuel. DVLB, or Death Valley’s Little Brother, is a little shop in Uptown Waterloo. This has got to be the best place I’ve been to, so far (July 25th, 2016). Interior is fantastic, cozy, yet classy; varying sizes of tables and chair arrangements. The lights […]

Café Series: Jule Toronto

Sony A7II Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM f/1.8, 1/1000s, ISO-800 聚, or Jule, is a small but cozy coffee shop in downtown Toronto. I had dragged Paige here with the intention of briefly reviewing it. After much struggle with Google Maps (the GPS in my phone doesn’t seem to like the tall buildings of downtown Toronto […]